The activities suggested in the OSBOXTM are mapped to the  Early Learning Goals (ELG) and to the Education for a Connected World framework produced by UKCIS and Project Evolve

Upcoming Events:
Training and Support

Next OSBOX training is on 7th December at 4pm - 5pm



2nd February 2022, 4pm - 5pm


Resources were gathered together from recognised sources such as Childnet, Safer Internet Centre, Thinkuknow along with Protective Behaviours from Ann Seal.   

New ideas and a different approach along with a box of resources was sourced to supplement the activities. 

Ideally, the EYFS practitioner has everything in the box they need to promote online safety through being kind, respectful and considerate...

The OSBOXTM scheme can be accessed in the following ways:

Attend a twilight course online and receive your OSBOXTM in the post.  Face to face courses are currently suspended, but the OSBOXTM can be delivered to you prior to the course and a twilight course covers the basics needed to deliver this to children.  Twilight courses include an OSBOXTM and cost £130 + £5.50pp.

The OSBOXTM is not sold separately

An OSBOXTM training package can be delivered on site for a max of 12 delegates for a cost of £310 for a half day (£25.84 per delegate) + the cost of the OSBOXes (1 box per setting required at £50 per box + postage and packing) - contact ICTDS for a quote. Invite other settings and share the costs!